Stories of the Hidden Heroes in Covid-19 Battle

The Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging and has caused significant impact to healthcare industry including Pantai Premier Pathology’s front liners. Nevertheless, our nation’s frontline heroes have continuously dedicated their time and energy to contain this global pandemic. We are humbled by their commitment, dedication and relentless efforts in handling the outbreak, even by risking their own lives every day to fight for the nation. To sum up the year 2020 that is full of challenges, we would like to share some personal challenges and accomplishments of Pantai Premier Pathology’s frontline heroes throughout 2020 year in the fight against Covid-19 in Malaysia.

Gunasundari Kunasekaran, Senior Medical Laboratory Scientist

“My colleagues have always reminded me to take care of myself and my 7-month-old unborn baby’s safety while handling the Covid-19 cases”

I was 7 months pregnant when I joined the Covid-19 team at the beginning of the year. It was an extremely busy period as we had to work for very long hours to stay on par with the turn-around-time (TAT). Nevertheless, it did not stop me from working given that I have a very supportive family who had my back and understood the nature of my work and long working hours. I also received words of encouragement and motivation from people around me during this time which really boosted my spirit and made me even stronger. Besides, I did not feel anxious when working with the Covid-19 samples while being pregnant as much as how others were worried about the safety of me and my child as I was fully donned with the complete set of PPEs and complied to the SOP at all times.

Noor Idayana, Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist

“I have decided to volunteer myself to help my husband in the Covid team as he works overtime, even without coming back home at times”

My husband, Abdul Razak, PIC for the Covid team, has been involved in the battle against Covid-19 since the beginning of the cases’ arrival on site. He has been working almost every day ever since with minimum amount of rest. This has affected my emotions indirectly as it got me worried about his wellbeing. I felt the need to help him out in any ways I could. As a result, I volunteered to go over to the Covid sample processing site to help him out over the weekends after working during my normal shifts at weekdays. In fact, everyone in the Covid team, including the dispatch riders, clerks, marketing executives, medical laboratory technicians, scientists and the CEO himself were helping out in this battle by sharing the workload. Everyone played a huge role and made sure no one was left behind. When we helped each other, the load was much easier to bear. I feel so proud of myself and my team to be able to fight for the nation together during this unprecedented time.

Suhafiza Sudin, Senior Medical Laboratory Scientist

“The only precious 30 minutes I spend with my children throughout the day is when I get them ready for the day, early in the morning before leaving to work as they would be sound asleep by the time I reach home after settling the Covid-19 samples in the lab”

Ever since the pandemic started earlier this year, I have been working overtime due to the high number of samples coming in. On some occasions I have to standby on weekends and even have to work for a week straight, this has limited the time I spend with my children. In spite of all of that, I still felt the responsibility to help the people because that is what my job is all about. This pandemic has also made the bond between me and my team stronger as we worked together.

Woo Yee Suet, Assistant Manager

“We try to cheer ourselves by going out to have a meal together after work”

Even Though I have been working tirelessly during this pandemic, I have found moments of joy through my team who are very supportive and understanding. They will cheer you up when you are feeling down and will make sure you do not feel like you are alone in this battle. Though we were facing an increasingly complicated set of challenges, the spirit of teamwork has caused an outsized impact on our success in overcoming each challenge. Besides, the company has provided Covid incentives to all their staff who had been involved directly or indirectly in handling the Covid-19 samples for the past few months as a token of appreciation which had really motivated the team to contribute to ease the workload.

Mohd Falihin, Medical Laboratory Scientist

“The Covid-19 outbreak has given me the opportunity to learn new things and experiences as well as the skills to overcome challenges”

This year has definitely been more challenging compared to the previous years, as we had to handle not only the routine test but also the Covid test. The high volume of samples for both the routine and Covid test had us working overtime. Nevertheless, amidst this bustle I had the opportunity to gain more experience and knowledge, especially in handling new equipment and machines while working with the Covid-19 samples. This has personally boosted my self-esteem and confidence indirectly.

Ashraf Hakim Dzulkarnain, Medical Laboratory Scientist

“To all front liners out there; keep fighting and never give up. We are in this battle to fight for our nation together”

To all front liners, keep calm and stay strong whenever and wherever you are. Continue to be patient and have passion in your work as the nature of our job is not only in helping people but also the country in curbing this global pandemic. Just like the saying goes, look for the rainbow in every storm. I know each one of us has our own limitations and may be affected differently, but have faith that in the end God will repay your sacrifices in ways you would never imagine.

We are immensely grateful for the noble contributions and sacrifices of all front liners. It is our hope to continue to fight and win this battle against Covid-19 together. Even during the darkest days, there are moments of levity too.