Pantai Premier Pathology | Forward in the Fight Against Covid-19

  • Pantai Premier Pathology (PPP) was among the first four private labs in Malaysia approved by MOH to perform Covid-19 testing.
  • Since February 2020:
    • PPP performed 183,000 COVID-19 samples (As at 19th October 2020).
    • Samples from PPP contributed 7.6% from total Malaysia’s COVID-19 tests conducted.
    • PPP runs average of 800 COVID-19 samples per day (As at 19th October 2020).
  • Result LTAT: 12 – 24 hours
  • Samples received from Pantai Gleneagles hospitals,  Non Pantai Gleneagles Private hospitals, MOH, and Corporate Clients.
  • Drive-Thru testing facilities in collaboration with Pantai Gleneagles hospitals.
  • Coordinating and hosting the COVID preparedness / sample collection training for medical practitioners. This was in collaboration with MOH/BPKK.
  • Setting up a hotline call center to address the public concerns after the 2nd wave.
  • Contributing to communities by sharing the Covid-19 information and updates in Pantai Premier Pathology’s website and social media platforms.
  • Types of Covid-19 tests offered by Pantai Premier Pathology:
    • COVID RT-PCR Test
    • COVID Rapid PCR Test
    • COVID Antigen Test
    • COVID Antibody Test

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