Pantai Premier Pathology Becomes More Internationally Accessible with Accreditation from College of American Pathologists

IHH Healthcare Malaysia’s laboratory arm, Pantai Premier Pathology, is one of only two laboratories in Malaysia to receive accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP).


With this latest accreditation, Pantai Premier Pathology will be able to receive samples from Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia and Vietnam for processing, testing and analysis as these countries, among others, require a laboratory to be accredited by CAP for highest quality assurance. More local and international pharmaceutical companies would also now be open to using the services from Pantai Premier Pathology for their clinical trial testing as CAP accreditation is part of the requirements for certain clinical trials.


Now, PPP collaborates extensively with pharmaceutical companies in Malaysia and abroad to conduct clinical trial testing and molecular diagnostic services for cancer patients such as Merck, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck Sharp Dohme (MSD), Novartis, Roche, Amgen and Johnson & Johnson (J&J).


Having certified with CAP, PPP is driven to provide excellent patient care while fostering and advocating best practices in pathology and clinical laboratory. This value is reputed to elevate PPP’s prestige in the marketplace to leverage an established partnership by attracting patients, doctors and international partners to collaborate with at which they will receive quality services and accurate results with continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.


The CAP received from an internationally recognized organization, endorse PPP to retain business through confidence in its high standard management processes known for its advancement in quality for clinical laboratory. Accreditation by the CAP is therefore seen as an attestation to quality laboratory practices and comes with many advantages. Inspections were conducted by expert teams of multi-disciplinary laboratory professionals to ensure PPP’s standards are compliant with the regulations. This detailed and customized evaluation by the expert teams also ensures that test results are always accurate and thus patients’ diagnoses are also accurate.


Pantai Premier Pathology is the only laboratory services provider in Malaysia with four accreditations, including from Joint Commission International, ISO 15189 and the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health. Established in 2016, the laboratory offers diagnostic tests for Pre-Natal, Post-Natal, Haemato-Oncology, Solid Tumour and Infectious Diseases, including COVID-19 testing.



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