Molecular Oncology services provided by Pantai Premier Pathology

Pantai Premier Pathology has distinguished itself as a leader in molecular oncology by the breadth and depth of service to support pathologists and oncologists in making diagnoses, assessing prognoses, and discovering opportunities for targeted therapy & other treatment option as per suggested in NCCN Guidelines and other reputable oncology organizations.


Molecular oncology service in PPP comprises of single gene assays, multi-gene panels and comprehensive genomic profiling. With testing methods like FISH, IHC, PCR, and NGS are available in-house. With this comprehensive range of tests, accompanied with the clarity and personalization of the consultations, it allows an integrated approach to the case, maximizes yield from small specimens, and minimizes turnaround time.


Our single genes molecular testing is to help physician in deciding fast and actionable treatment options, like BRCA 1 & 2 for Olaparib chemotherapy on breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. Same goes to PDL-1 sp142 testing for breast cancer immunotherapy treatment.


Besides single genes testing, PPP have come-up with our own actionable panel testing, which comprises of biomarkers that have treatment suggestion which is most commonly requested by physicians. For example, Lung Cancer Panel which consist of EGFR, ALK, ROS1, KRAS, BRAF, and PDL1.


Besides solid tumour molecular testing, PPP also offers a broad collection of comprehensive, targeted and single gene liquid biopsy assays for solid tumor cancer like T790M for Lung Cancer and hematologic malignancies. Our goal is to provide all patients access to testing in a timely manner to ensure efficient diagnosis and disease progression monitoring.


Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) & Advancing Precision Oncology in PPP

While it began as a revolutionary research tool a decade ago, NGS is now the method of choice for simultaneous genomic profiling of multiple cancer markers.  For hospitals, the advantages of NGS over traditional methods are indisputable in terms of time savings, tissue perservation, and a precision oncology approach to patient care.


Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP)

Our pan-cancer analysis using next-generation sequencing assay includes 523 genes involved in solid tumor development and progression. This panel provides broad coverage of actionable markers supported by clinical guidelines and on-going clinical trials.

Biomarkers detected are implicated in a variety of tumor types including bladder, brain/CNS, breast, cervical, colorectal, endometrial, esophageal, gastric, head and neck, kidney, liver, lung, melanoma, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, stomach, and thyroid.

Clinical applications of our CGP NGS:

  • Identifying targetable alterations to guide treatment decision
  • Monitoring disease status
  • Detecting potential resistance to therapy and its cause